Education & Achievements

Ms. Morse attended M.S.A.D. #55 Adult Education, her scores on the GED test were above average.    While attending M.S.A.D. #55 Adult Education she was recognized and awarded Maine’s Challenge ME Grant, where she was able to attend SMCC and take a college course in Psychology.  Ms. Morse scored a perfect 800 in reading and writing and graduated with top honors the adult education class of 2013.

From there, Ms. Morse enrolled full-time in the liberal arts program at Lakes Region Community College in Laconia, New Hampshire.  In the fall of 2013 she was placed on the president’s list for her remarkable accomplishment, habits of mind, and self-discipline.  In recognition of this achievement, Ms. Morse was selected as a recipient of the UNIQUE  Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Within a year and a few months, Ms. Morse ‘s degree in Liberal Arts was nearly complete.  She made the decision to transfer to Southern New Hampshire University to obtain her BA in Psychology.  In addition to those studies,  she minors in English and Literature.   Ms. Morse continues to  maintain her 4.0 grade average in her studies.

Currently, Ms. Morse is getting ready to finish her degree in Psychology and move on to a Master of Arts degree in Creative Non-Fiction writing.   Ms. Morse plans to be an author/editor in the bibliotherapy field.



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